First Trip of 2016 -Delmarva Shorebirds

Being a huge baseball fan I try to make it to at least 3 to 4 different ballparks a year. With the first month of baseball season behind us it was time to make my first journey.

I woke up Saturday 4/30/16 and said today will be the day. I made it to all the ballparks in Maryland but have yet to make to the Delmarva Shorebirds, Single A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. I went online and double checked the schedule and yes a night game vs the Charleston Riverdogs affiliate of the New York Yankees.

Time to get the show on the road and put the down the address in the GPS and loaded my book bag. This is my typical gear I take to every Ball Park.  Bringing the Baseball America Prospect Handbook is a must. I also use a Sony DSC-HX-300 for my shots.


Heading East in Maryland you have really no choice but to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A proud Icon for Marylander’s that spans 4.3 miles long and is voted one of the scariest bridges to cross in the world. I had to stop at Sandy Point State Park to take a panoramic shot of this beauty.


There is also more to this story for me heading to see the Shorebirds. About 14 years ago I remember throwing a ball to this little kid (Ryan Meisinger) at a friends house who had one heck of a throw. I  went inside and said “this kid can really throw I mean really throw” to his parents and they knew it. Who knew that I would get a phone call from him telling me that he got drafted by my favorite home town team the Baltimore Orioles. So I am super excited to see him pitch to say the least.

Well  after a A few stops and to explore the Eastern Shore of Maryland I made it to the city of Salisbury. When I pulled up Arthur W. Perdue Stadium an hour early I was shocked to see how many people where already in attendance. It was Scout night and Firework night so there was a ton of excited kids that get to walk on the field for a pregame ceremony. I walked up to the ticket booth and then I was in..great seats behind home plate for 11.00 bucks!!

IMG_20160430_180345904 (1)


Alright the first stop was to get a Shorebirds hat at the team store and start to to take a tour of this amazing stadium that opened in 1996. This stadium holds up to 5,200 fans and has great views of the field no matter what part of the stadium you are seated in. Enough of the chat lets take a tour on shall we……DSC02173






After taking a quick tour and looking around I had to say hi to my friend and relief pitcher #30 Ryan Meisinger who was great to see …by the way got the win after striking out 3 out 6 batters (sorry had to brag) and a walk off RBI by Gerrion Grim in the bottom of the 10th…whooo hooooo go Shorebirds!!!

IMG_20160430_184143048 (3).jpg


After the game was the fireworks and Delmarva Shorebirds really put on on amazing show and were great hosts to their fans. DSC02287DSC02286

I also strongly suggest you visit the Eastern shore Hall of Fame. A must see for baseball fans with a  strong history of baseball in the area.  Thanks for the tour and the staff were amazing at answering any questions you my have.  Now my head is full of questions about the Cambridge Dodgers…now I have to come back!!